16 Liquid Colors for Soap Coloring – 0.17 oz


  • SOAP DYE ARRAY: This set has an ample amount of soap making colors and bath bomb dyes, total of 16 soap dyes 0.17 oz. (5 ml) each.
  • LIQUID SOAP DYE: Soap coloring supplies are very simple to use, a little goes a long way, so they will last you for a lot of your projects.
  • BATH BOMB COLORING DYE: Premium quality, rich colors, perfectly balanced for homemade soap coloring and bath bomb making.
  • SLIME COLORING: Making slime is a fun way to pass the time, but it’s even more interesting if you make colorful slime with our liquid dyes.
  • SOAP MAKING COLORANTS: Soap coloring dyes are cruelty-free, stain and irritant free, gentle, safe to skin, non-toxic, animal friendly and vegan.
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Product description

These liquid dyes will become a perfect decision when you make homemade products. They can be used as soap colorants, bath bomb coloring dyes or for slime coloring.

These colorants will give your product (soap, bath bomb, slime) rich and deep color. Besides, these liquid dyes are very simple in use, because they do not require prior dissolution in oil, glycerin or other basic components.

The liquid dyes are ideal for soap coloring, because they do not migrate; they always retain clear contours, which is ideal for swirls and for soap requiring the filling of colored parts as well as for colored layers of soap. These soap making colorants are non-toxic, do not absorb into the skin and leave no traces. They permanently retain their brightness and do not fade.

Our liquid dyes are water soluble, so they may be used as bath bomb colorants. But make sure you don’t use too much willing to make a really strong color, because you run the risk of staining the tub or a washcloth. For this reason, we recommend a light touch.

Additional information

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