Candle mold for сarved сandles №2 (height 5.9 in, width 2.7 in)


  • CARVED CANDLE: The form of the carved candle mold is made specifically upon our customers’ request, who asked to have the mold of this shape to be made separately from the whole variety of them.
  • CANDLE MOLDS: The material is made of heat and cold resistant plastic. The molds are made from a very durable plastic that will not crackle or break down and will last a lifetime.
  • THE MOLD CONSTRUCTION: The mold is divided into a body and a lid to make it possible to take a candle out more easily. The candle mold could still be lubricated to ease the candle extraction process.
  • MOLD SIZE: The height of the plastic candle mold is 5.9 inches and the width is 2.7 inches. The weight of the finished candle from the mold is approximately 2,1 oz., depending on the wax base used.
  • BUY CONFIDENTLY: We guarantee the quality of our product. If for whatever reason you are not satisfied with our product, you can exchange it, or get your money back, no questions asked.
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Product description


We propose the engineered plastic candle molds. They are suitable for filling in wax, paraffin and other bases. The material is very much resistant to high and low temperatures (to 120°С), that’s why the candle molds do not crack or break down in service. Plastic can be in contact with the paraffin.

The molds are divided into a body and a lid to take a candle out comfortably. We recommend to grease the candle mold with silicone or oil the mold before filling it with wax, in order to be able to take the candle out more easily. There is a hole in the center of the lid to pull a wick through. Use boiled water to clean the carved candle mold after taking the candle out. Make sure the candle mold is properly cleaned and free of wax before reusing it. If the mold is not completely cleaned, this might create difficulties for extracting the candle you are going to make next. Follow these instructions to avoid issues with pouring the candles.

The lower the temperature, the more chance of candle’s surface to get matte. The higher temperature of the filling, the smoother the surface will get. But it is necessary to remember that the higher temperature of paraffin, the more difficult it will be to take candle out the mold. If the temperature is too low, the candle will be too porous. It is impossible to get ideal smooth candle out of the candle molds. The filling temperature for paraffin in the mold depends on a paraffin grade and its melting temperature. If it is difficult to take the candle out the mold, put the candle with the mold into a freezer for 20-30 minutes, then take the candle out. It is also possible to heat the mold with a candle using a hair dryer, to help to take the candle out. Before filling in, make sure that the hole for a wick is closed in order to avoid the loss of the candle mass.