Candle Molds Set


  • Taper mold: (height 9.4 in, width 0.47 in). It is used in candle making to create a classic form of candles.
  • Pyramid mold: (height 6.3 in, width 2.7 in) Weight of the finished candle is approximately 5.1 oz., depending on the type of wax used in the process.
  • Cylinder mold: (height 5.9 in, width 2.3 in) The mold’s shape was made upon specific request of our customers.
  • Sphere mold: (⌀3.1 in) The ball shape is one of the most beautiful candle molds for your household and/or business.
  • The kit includes 4 plastic molds of various sizes, three 30 ft long wicks, 2 wood and 3 metal wick holders, a wire dipper and a guide to candle making.
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This particular candle molds set was created make candles of four the most popular shapes: taper, pyramid, cylinder and sphere.

The molds consist of two parts: the body and the lid, to make the process of extracting a candle easy and comfortable.

They work for any type of wax: paraffin, wax, soy wax, beeswax etc.

This candle molds set offers a guide to candle making and all the necessary supplies to create your own handcafted candles.

We offer molds for candles of caprolon engineering, which is very durable. Thus the molds can be reused multiple times and can withstand high and low temperatures without damage and/or cracking.

If for some reason, within 30 days of purchase, you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can exchange it for a different one or get your money back.