Candle wax dye-color dark blue 2 oz


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  • 0.02-0.06 oz of dye for 1 lb of candle mass is necessary for full coloring of the candle mass.
  • Weight of a candle dye blocks in one pack is 2 ounce.
  • The dyes are best dissolved at the temperature between 150 – 170 °F. – Mix carefully for a minumum of 2-3 minutes after adding it to wax
  • Made in Germany
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We offer high quality solid dyes, suitable for wax and paraffin bases. Dyes for candles are completely dissolved, there won’t be any clots in the candle mass, and staining will be even. In addition, the finished candle keeps the brightness of the color, the surface is not flaked, does not tarnish with time.

Important to know:

1. How to increase the number of shades? The dye is easily crushed into small pieces, which allows you to mix it with other dyes, thus creating a variety of colors and shades.

2. Acceleration of dissolution. To accelerate the process of dissolution of the dye mix with the mass of the candle at a temperature of at least 150 – 170 °F degrees

3. How to calculate the required amount of dye

Dosage depends on the fat content, hardness and purity of candle mass. More dye is required for wax candles. To dye the entire base of paraffin weighing 1 lb, only 0.02-0.06 oz of dye is sufficient. For wax weighing the same, you need to add 0.03-0.08 oz.

4. Dyeing of candles can be executed in two ways:

Entire dyeing. The dye is added to the paraffin mixture of the melted base, is mixed thoroughly until full solidification, and then poured into a mold.

Partial dyeing. Dipping finished product in the solution is carried out after the complete solidification of the candles.

Additional information

Weight 2.4 lbs
Dimensions 2.9 × 1.8 × 2.9 in