Crochet Stuffed Bunny (Mint)

  • PLUSH TOY FOR GIRLS AND BOYS: This super soft and cute handmade plush bunny will become a true toy friend to your child, whether a boy or a girl.
  • HANDMADE STUFFED BUNNY: This stuffed animal toy is 100 % handmade. The plush rabbit is crocheted from yarn and filled with a soft material so that it is pleasant to hold.
  • ULTRASOFT MATERIALS FOR STUFFED ANIMAL: The plush bunny is crocheted from extra soft 100 % micro polyester velour yarn. The filling is hollow fiber.
  • CUTE STUFFED ANIMAL: This beautiful stuffed bunny is 19.5 inch tall and comes in delicate mint color.
  • BUNNY PLUSH TOY: This bashful bunny can become a nice present for Easter, as it embodies one of the main symbols of this spring holiday.


This charming stuffed rabbit toy is extremely soft and tender to touch. The marshmallow-like softness of this handmade plush bunny will make you want to hold this adorable toy and never let go. This bunny will make an ideal guide to the world of rainbow dreams. Children will love to go to sleep cuddling this feather-soft toy.

The plush bunny is crocheted with thick ultra-soft yarn of 100 % micro-polyester velour. The filling used for stuffing is hollow fiber made from cellulose and synthetic polymers. This filling is most commonly used toy stuffing for manufactured as well as handmade dolls and stuffed animals. Extremely light weight makes it suitable for children’s toys and especially great for baby toys which you want to be very light.

The plush stuffed bunny is quite easy to maintain clean and soft. It can be gently washed by hand in warm water. Or it can be machine washed on a delicate cycle at no more than 40°C. Place your plush animal in a mesh bag. It gives added protection from snagging and jostling by the inside of your machine. Let it dry. Re-fluff and reshape your stuffed rabbit. Allow it to sit and dry. Don’t place it directly near heat or sunlight or it might become discolored or misshaped.

Be sure that this lovely crochet bunny will give your kids comforting, warm and soothing feelings.