Mica Powder – 100 Colors


  • MICA PIGMENT PACK FOR SOAP MAKING: This 100 colors set offers an incredible variety of colors. Mica powder pigments will make your creations stand out with their superb quality and amazing colors.
  • HAND SOAP MICA POWDER COLORANT: The dyes blend fast and easily and are ideal for soap making. The organic mica powder is a superb choice for soap and bath bombs.
  • MICA POWDER FOR EPOXY COLORING: These long-lasting pure quality pigments for resin are 0.1 oz (3 g) each. The offered epoxy pigment powder set includes 100 individually packaged fantastic colors.
  • MICA POWDER IS A WORTHY CHOICE: These dyes are a great option when making your own makeup products like lipgloss, eyeshadows, etc. They will give your product a shimmer and a pearlescent look.
  • MICA POWDER PURCHASE GUARANTEES: If for some reason, within 30 days of purchase, you are not satisfied with our 100 mica pigment colors set, you can exchange it for a different one or get your money back.


Mica powder pigments are widely used in making of handmade cosmetics and souvenirs. They create effect of depth, shine and shimmer of various shades. These powdered pigments are as easy to use as any other pigment. Pigments do not migrate. They are referred to as fast dyes. They keep sharp contours for a long time, thus they are perfectly suitable for handmade cosmetics and handmade jewelry made with epoxy resin. They keep their brightness for a long time and do not fade.


Mica Powder pigments have versatile application. They can be used for resin art. This beautiful metallic powder for epoxy will give stunning effects to handmade epoxy resin jewelry and pieces of decoration.

Mica Powder Pigments can be used as a soap colorant to be used mainly used for transparent soap bases, because in white base these soap dyes can’t deliver the vividness of their colorful shimmering palette. Mica Powder Pigments for soap are very thrifty and non-toxic. They are not absorbed by skin and leave no stains.

For details on making of soap, cosmetics, epoxy resin products, etc., please refer to the enclosed instruction.