Mica powder 24 colors


  • EPOXY RESIN DYE: Mica powder is a superb resin dye colorant and a perfect combination with one another, which adds swirls of magnetic colors and makes the colors pop in your epoxy resin projects.
  • PIGMENT POWDER:  Mica is a natural and organic product, full of vivid, colorful pigments, works great as a pigment powder set for a variety of makeup, lipstick, cosmetics and epoxy resin jewelry applications.
  • EPOXY DYE: Mica soap colorant is finely grinded stone with added pigments for color, does not work well for cold process soap making.
  • MICA POWDER COLORANT: Some dye powders are shimmery and some are opaque to make the absolutely stunning and gorgeous slimes to create the combinations of your wild imagination.
  • CREATING FUN: Each of the 24 colors is 0.1 Oz in this mica set is individually packaged in the re-sealable packets. Resin dyes work ideally for epoxy resin and colorful homemade project making.
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Epoxy resin mica powder is finely grinded to perfection stone, with added variety of colorful pigments, which have a wide application, making them one of a kind for epoxy resin jewelry. Epoxy resin kit has 24 colors 0.1 Oz each, some of them are opaque and some are shimmery, which create the depth and shimmer effect to the desired end product.

Cosmetic mica powder is used to create amazingly bright and vivid makeup, lipstick, chap stick and different epoxy resin jewelry. The rainbow powders are children’s delight when it comes to finding a perfect slime making kit, creating sparkly slime.

These soap making pigments are fast melting dyes, which do not migrate and keep vivid contours for a long time, thus are ideally suitable for handmade soap creation. Add mica powder at the proportion of 0.002-0.007 oz. per 3.5 oz. (100 grams) of soap base. While pouring the soap into the mold, sprinkle some ethanol during and after the soap base is being poured, to avoid the bubble forming. The 3.5 lbs. of the base completely cool down in the mold in 5 minutes.

DIY soap dyes are widely used for producing the unique colorful soap, or used as organic soap dye supplies. Does not work well for cold process soap making. Mica powder is non-toxic, perfect for soap and epoxy resin making, as well as cosmetics making. Soap colorant does not get absorbed by the skin, leaves no traces, keeps its brightness and does not fade. Colored soap dyes are the ultimate choice, both for beginners and experts in soap, epoxy resin making.

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Weight 0.25 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 3.4 × 1.8 in