Mica Powder-50 colors+2 fragrance oils


  • SOAP MAKING SUPPLIES: This set includes 50 different mica powder soap dyes, polysorbate 80 and 2 fragrance oils, melon and strawberry ice-cream, top grade soap making scents.
  • MICA POWDER PIGMENT: Soap dye should be added to clear base soap for true color. Mica is non-toxic, animal friendly, irritant and stain free, gentle and safe for skin. Contact us immediately if you have any questions.
  • EPOXY RESIN DYE: The mica powders work great as epoxy resin dye and add the swirls of colors to the creations. The epoxy resin powder pigments do wonders when mixed together and will never disappoint.
  • DIY SOAP DYE: Soap color pigments are natural products, grinded stone with added colored pigments. Each color is 3 grams by weight, sealed individually in a re-sealable bag. It is cruelty free and vegan.
  • BATH BOMBS COLORANT: When used for bath bombs, add some aroma oil, vegetable oil and polysorbate 80 to the mix. This is a perfect combination to make bath bombs that will not stain.
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Package includes:

50 shimmery, pearlescent soap and epoxy resin powder pigments .

2 quality fragrance oils, melon and strawberry ice-cream.

Polysorbate 80, 0.3 Oz of bath bomb making solution.


Soap making, epoxy resin, bath bombs, slime, acrylic paints, melt and pour soap, cosmetics, widely used in makeup such as lipstick, chap stick, lip balm, variety of nail art, eyeshadows, blush, nail polish, lacquer, rubber, different crafts, lotions, wood, resins, jewelry, fiberglass, screen printing, embossing, plastics, resin jewelry and many more applications.

Mica powder is a natural product, finely grinded stone with titanium dioxide and ferric oxide to achieve the pigmented color.

The soap making mica powders are not absorbed by skin and leave no traces.

This dry resin pigment powder is non-bleeding, non-toxic, animal friendly, irritant and stain free, gentle and safe for skin.

The epoxy mica powder keeps its brightness and doesn’t fade.

Mica organic pigment is commonly used for producing unique colored soap.

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Weight 9.01 lbs
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