Epoxy resin jewelry making kit for beginners


  • RESIN KIT: All the items are thoughtfully put together to have the necessary pieces for epoxy resin creation all in one set, with everything needed for that already inside.
  • SILICONE RESIN MOLDS: Supreme quality and ideal for art resin epoxy. Just add glitter, beads or any desired components.
  • JEWELRY MAKING: For better experience you can follow the step by step explanations outlined in the detailed instructions included in this resin jewelry making kit.
  • CASTING MOLDS: Jewelry molds are flexible, easy to clean, dishwasher and refrigerator friendly and transparent for convenience.
  • CLEAR EPOXY RESIN: Can be mixed with dyes, paints, pigments, glitter for jewelry making such as pendants, bracelets, necklaces, earrings.
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Jewelry making kit includes:

Epoxy: 2.03 fl. oz.(30ml)Epoxy hardener: 1.02 fl. oz.(30ml)

Protective gloves: 2 pcs.Long Pipettes: 10 pcs.

Wooden sticks: 10 pcs.Measuring cup: 2 pcs.

Large Silicone mold: 1pc.Silicone mold for individual fill: 7 pcs.

Dye glitter: 10 colorsPowder dye: 12 colors

Screws: 10 pcs.Epoxy resin kit is convenient and handy with everything included and ready for jewelry making, or different kinds of decorations for colorful dry flowers and ornaments with glitter, sequins stickers, glitter flowers, marble fragments, beads and a great deal more.

Silicone casting molds are translucent, flexible and easy to use for resin jewelry making such as rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, key chains, nail art and any other art resin epoxy jewelry. Closely follow the included instructions for a much better experience.

Epoxy Resin Dyes can be mixed with each other, so you can get all new colors and shades! You can mix in different color resin right in a mold and get the effects that your creative imagination comes up with. Enjoy your creativity!