25 Liquid Colors for Soap Coloring – 0.17 oz


  • SOAP MAKING SET: 0.17-Ounce (5ml each color). These liquid soap making supplies of colorful dyes are ideal whether you use them for making soap or bath bombs dyes for your own party like experience.
  • SOAP BATH BOMB COLORS: The 25 color Bath Bomb and Soap set is the ultimate choice and a great value for your money. A little bit of liquid soap colorant goes a long way. If used for bath bombs, Polysorbate 80 needs to be added.
  • QUALITY SOAP SUPPLIES: These homemade soap colorants are long-lasting with brilliant and perfectly balanced bold colors. The premium quality will satisfy even the pickiest craftsmen.
  • SOAP DYE SAFETY: This liquid soap making kit is cruelty and vegan free. It is non-toxic, animal friendly, irritant free, stain free, gentle and safe to your skin.
  • CONFIDENCE: If for some reason, within 30 days of purchase, you are not satisfied with our soap and bath bomb making set, you can exchange it for a different one or get your money back, no questions asked.
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Product description

These 25 soap making colorants are bright in color, serve as liquid soap and bath bomb supplies of dyes, which give the soap and bath bombs a deep color. Soap colorants are very simple to use, because they do not require prior dissolution in oil, glycerin or other basic components. These could be used as bath bomb colorants as well, only make sure to add Polysorbate 80 to the mix. The liquid soap making kit does not migrate; it always retains clear contours, which is ideal for swirls and for soap requiring the filling of colored parts as well as for colored layers of soap. This dye is a natural soap colorant and is very economical, non-toxic, does not absorb into the skin and doesn’t stain. It permanently retains its brightness and does not fade. This is an excellent choice for beginners or experienced masters to make soap or bath bombs.

Make sure to cut the base into small cubes (1-2 cm), before melting, so it will melt faster. Use a special heat-resistant dish, glass or plastic cups, if you melt in a microwave oven. 100 grams of base melts in the microwave in about 20-30 seconds. The base melts at 70-80 degrees when using water bath. Do not let the base to overheat and especially start boiling, because hot base may burn the skin, the color may change, the transparent base may become cloudy, foam can be formed, which will be very difficult to remove. Add the soap dye at the rate of 1-5 drops per 100 grams of soap base, depending on how saturated you want the color to get in the end. Carefully mix it with a wooden or plastic stick, pour the soap into the mold, sprinkling it with alcohol, and repeat this procedure as the foundation is being poured. This must be done to remove small bubbles and foam. Alcohol is used when making multi-layered soap. You need to sprinkle the frozen layer before pouring the next one – the layers are better attached to each other. On average, it takes about 20 minutes for 100 grams of base to freeze in the mold.

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