Wax Warmer+4 Packs of Hard Wax Beans


  • WAX KIT INCLUDES: Wax Heater 500 ml (1 unit), Hair Removal Wooden Spatulas (10 pcs), 4 packs of hard wax beans of different colors, a booklet with detailed, step by step instructions.
  • MAKING IT SPECIAL: Whatever you might require for your waxing needs is thoughtfully included in this kit. We put 4 packs of wax beans (100 grams each), because we value our customers.
  • SAVAGE WAX QUALITY: This kit includes only the best quality hard wax beads with natural wax ingredients. The top grade wax beans will leave your skin smooth and silky and you satisfied.
  • CONVENIENCE: Wax warmer is designed for a fast wax meltdown, with an automatic shut off system. Only 10 minutes needed to melt hard wax beans, you can operate it with ease and reliability.
  • SAFETY AND GUARANTEE: We know you will love our wax warmer kit, but if for whatever reason you are not satisfied, let us know within 30 days, and we will refund your money or send you a replacement, no questions asked.



1 Wax Warmer

10 Wooden Applicator Spatulas

4 Packs of Hard Wax Beans.

Directions for Use:

If it is your first time using wax warmer kit, please first test it on a small area of your skin. If after 24 hours there is no allergic reaction, you can proceed with the full application. If you suffered an adverse reaction, please apply aloe Vera gel on your skin and do not use this product in the future.

Waxing Instructions:

1.Wash the skin that will be waxed. Don’t apply any oils, gels or lotions as they may prevent wax from properly adhering to the hair.2.Put an appropriate amount of wax beans into pot.3.Heat until wax beans are completely melted. After wax is melted, turn the temperature dial to the middle.4.Use a wooden applicator to spread a layer of wax on the skin along the direction of hair growth. (Make sure to test the temperature of the wax before pouring it onto your body!) When applying the wax beads leave the edges of the wax slightly thicker for easy removal.5.Wait until wax is hard then holding the skin taut, peel it off rapidly against the direction of hair growth. Before the wax is removed, tap it a couple of times to check it has set and is ready to be removed.


1. Don’t put water in the pot.2. Make sure the wax is not too hot before applying to the skin.3. Don’t wax broken or irritated skin.4. The thickness of spreading wax should be between 0.2cm to 0.5cm to insure best results.5. Wait 2 hours after waxing before you take a shower, exercise, or sun bathe.6. If you are on medication that affects skin or if you have a skin related disorder, consult your doctor before use.7. Keep the wax beans out of reach of children.

Additional information

Weight 2.5 lbs